The Keaton Emery Memorial Foundation aims to provide underprivileged young people with the opportunity to access fundamental resources, such as mental health services and further education.



In March 2017, Keaton Emery set off to travel the world, ultimately aiming to reach Australia without taking a plane. Keaton's journey came to a heartbreaking end in September 2017 when he tragically fell to his death in Italy, just days before his 24th birthday. 

The Keaton Emery Memorial Foundation was set up to honour his memory, in the hope that we can continue to spread even a fraction of the positivity and inspiration that Keaton gave to the world.  

Life’s beauty lies in the interpretation of the question it poses rather than in the definite answer it conceals. Discovering an ultimate answer to the purpose of life would only serve in destroying its divergent nature, putting an end to the hopes and aspirations that give us all the will to carry on.
— Keaton Emery

honouring keaton

Keaton was very conscious that his privileged upbringing had financially and emotionally given him enormous opportunities for the way he could live his life, and that many young people do not have such options open to them. He was particularly keen to promote education and training that would help youngsters make their way in a world that will shortly be dominated by Artificial Intelligence. 

There are unfortunately many young people who are in care or are homeless who cannot access further education. Additionally, given the strain on our NHS, there is a lack of immediate mental health support for such groups. For this reason, our charity will help to finance projects seeking to address this in the North of England.