Keaton Emery

Keaton was a beautiful person, inside and out, and at 23 years old he was wise beyond his years. Keaton had a unique and wonderful perspective on life, and was an inspiration to all who met him. 

Below is a selection of his thoughts and writings; a little piece of Keaton that we can always share. 

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ON "My reality"

We often perceive ourselves as a foreign body in a strange world. We feel lost and belittled by nature. This is so wrong. If all matter and energy were created during the Big Bang then you yourself, whatever you are, were also a part of that process. You are the Big Bang.

The story goes that god took a handful of earth and moulded it into a human body. He manipulated matter into the human form. Then god blew life, the soul, energy, into the human mould and brought us to life. Thus we become an alien soul trapped in a foreign body, living on probation in a world we don’t understand. We become lost.

Consider life from the perspective of energy and matter as fundamental to the existence of one another. They imply one another. Matter is the form through which energy expresses itself.


on worrying

Most of the time in life we can in some way comprehend what is important to us, therefore it should not be worrying that we are ignorant of most of existence – it simply doesn’t matter.


on death

I do not fear death itself, only that death will be the ultimate seal, stamped upon an envelope enclosing a life story that is enshrouded with the regret of all else that could have been, would have been, and should have been told.

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Once you stop trying to be more important than the universe and realise that the universe is you and you are a tiny part of the universe, then a weight is lifted from your shoulders. You stop seeing yourself as a poor little me, trapped inside a body that you did not make, surrounded by a world you did not create. Instead you realise that you have grown out of this world as a tree grows from the ground. And if you are really honest with yourself you realise that there is no such thing as ‘I’ because all the matter and energy that you are composed of transforms, decays and recycles and that all you can really call ‘you’ is the pattern to which the matter and energy organises itself.


on existence

Our instinct is to believe that we came into being at the point of birth or the point of conception. However, really everything that you are existed long before you were ever conceived and will remain forever after you are dead too.


on war

 There is no such thing as a battle of Good against Evil,                                                   Of conflict between The Right and The Wrong,                                                       There are only the wars fought by different people,                                                 Between cultures to which they feel they ought to belong.


on the meaning of life

The meaning of life is the most precious paradox of all. The search for a higher meaning is a flawed task, where the discovery of a sole purpose for existence would fundamentally render life itself meaningless. A crude answer to a question brings both convergence and finality, extinguishing any further potential and hindering ones progress.

Therefore, life’s beauty lies in the interpretation of the question it poses rather than in the definite answer it conceals. Discovering an ultimate answer to the purpose of life would only serve in destroying its divergent nature, putting an end to the hopes and aspirations that give us all the will to carry on.

There is no one correct path in life so stop your searching, and just let yourself eloquently stumble upon one that will offer you the potential to value its eventual closing. In the end, everything is made so much more beautiful, so much more meaningful, because we are all doomed.